Everyday Care of your Bulldog


Happy & Healthy

Just like any other dog, bulldogs have specific care that they need. Once they are taken care of properly, they will be happy and healthy. Here are a few basic tips if you have or want a bulldog.


Bulldogs are not difficult to maintain since they only need a weekly brushing session with a bristle brush or a rubber pad. Bathing them regularly removes the natural, protective oils on the skin, so once or twice a year should be enough.


Bulldogs need proper exercise because it is vital to their health and well-being. As a puppy, this should start as short walks so not to over exercise them, as well as never taking them out as soon as it finishes eating and during the heat of the day.


Heatstroke is very fatal and can happen very quickly. If the weather is hot, exercise your dog early in the morning or late at night, and don’t allow children to run and play with it during the heat of the day.

Follow these tips to keep your bulldog in the best shape possible. If you don’t have one but want to get one, visit J Bar T Ranch.

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The Pros of Choosing a Bulldog as a Pet


Getting a Bulldog

A Bulldog, commonly referred to as an English Bulldog, is one of the popular dog breeds. If you are thinking about getting a dog as a pet, go with a Bulldog.

Easy to Clean

Bulldogs are medium-sized and are short-haired. This makes giving them a wash and brushing their coat an easier task compared to cleaning other dogs.

Not So Active

When you think of dogs, you normally think of an animal with lots of energy. However, a Bulldog doesn’t need as much exercise and are quite fine taking a nap.

Sweet Animals

Believe it or not, Bulldogs are very sweet and friendly. Don’t let the face fool you; they get along with people very well, especially children.

If you decide that a bulldog is the pet for you, visit J Bar T Ranch. Bring home a bulldog that will surely be a great addition to the family.

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Three Unique and Cool-Looking Dog Breeds


Dogs that are Cool

There are many dog breeds; some that are very popular and those that are not well-known. There are also some breeds that can be described as unique and cool-looking.

Norwegian Lundehund

The Norwegian Lundehund is a small dog breed that originated in Norway. These dogs have six toes, useful for grasping onto cliffs, can stretch their legs in both directions and tip their head backwards.


The Puli is a small dog breed of Hungarian descent. These dogs are characterized by their tightly-curled coats, similar to dreadlocks. If you see a walking mop heading your way, it’s probably a Puli.

Mini Aussie

The Miniature Australian Shepherd, or Mini Aussie, has been increasing in popularity. These dogs are adorable, with coat colors of blue merle, red merle or black, and have beautiful eyes that are brown, amber, hazel or blue.

If you want a Mini Aussie, you get can get one from J Bar T Ranch today.

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Three Popular Dog Breeds in America


Different Dog Selections

Dogs are very popular choices as pets in households. There are many breeds of dog in the world, and here’s a look at three popular breeds.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers were used in hunting to retrieve animals but have now become popular as pets. They are generally large in size and their coat has shades of gold and cream.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd dogs are used in both law enforcement and as pets. These loyal animals are large in size, have large, erect ears, and are normally tan and black in color.


Bulldogs are characterized by their wide and stocky build, as well as their wrinkly face. These dogs are quite relaxed, and require minimal exercise and grooming

If you would like to bring home a Bulldog, visit J Bar T Ranch. Get a lovable and loyal companion the family will adore.

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Different Reasons Why Dogs Make Great Pets


A Furry Friend

For thousands of years, dogs have been domesticated. They are one of the most popular options for pets in households, and for good reason.

For Security

A popular reason a family adds a dog the home is for security. Dogs can warn the family of unwanted human and animal invaders, or scare these introducers away.

For Entertainment

It’s quite fun to have a dog around the house. Whether it’s a pup or a fully grown dog, they are full of energy and you can have hours of fun playing and running around with them.

For Companionship

Of all common pet options, dogs are arguably the friendliest of them all. If you are by yourself, or just need a friend to keep you company, a dog will be there.

If you are interested in adding a furry friend to the family, visit J Bar T Ranch. You can find lovable Mini Aussies or loyal Bulldogs to add to the family.

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Caring for Your Pregnant Dog


Littered Dog

Pregnancy can be a difficult time for your dog but it doesn’t have to be with your help. With some TLC, your dog can have a comfortable time whilst pregnant. Soon you’ll both be cuddling adorable new puppies.


  • Exercise- Light and not strenuous activity should be maintained with your dog throughout her pregnancy. It will prevent her from becoming overweight.
  • Feeding-If being fed a high premium dog food there is no reason she needs to have additional supplements. During the last week of pregnancy and initial weeks of lactating, you will see an increase of appetite.
  • Comfort- Two weeks before your dog is due, you will want to make a whelping box so that she can become accustomed to it. Set it up so she is as comfortable as possible during the birth.

English Bulldog Stud Service

J Bar T Ranch offers stud services. If you’re looking to breed your dog with an English bulldog from a business experienced in breeding, we’re for you. For more information about our services, contact us at (972) 816-1067.

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Reasons to get a small dog


All the small things

If the prospect of getting a dog seems like too much of a hassle think again. Smaller dogs are less high maintenance than bigger dogs making them more ideal pets. If you’re unconvinced, read our reasons why you should get a small dog.

Reasons to get a small dog

  1. Small home– A toy dog would do well in a tighter space such as a small house or an apartment.
  2. Easy to transport- Small dogs are great companions to take anywhere as they can fit in your purse or light enough to hold.
  3. Easy to housetrain- If you’re not a fan of your animals jumping onto the furniture, that isn’t a problem when you own a small dog. More often than not, they can’t reach!

Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies

A toy Australian Shepard puppy would make a great pet for you home. Look no further than J Bar T Ranch. For any questions about our puppies contact us at (972) 816-1067. Happy cuddling with your pup!


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